CRAFT INNOVATION - Innovation driven by Craft

About Us

LLC "CRAFT INNOVATION" specializes in rendering services to the enterprises with special sanitary-hygienic conditions, namely:

  • Development of design documentation
  • Engineering and manufacture of industrial vessels
  • Manifold of the tanks with process pipelines
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Automation of production processes
  • Installation and relocation of production lines
  • Repair, maintenance and upgrade of equipment

LLC "CRAFT INNOVATION" was founded in 2016, our team has been formed by experienced and creative professionals.

Starting from brewing industry equipment, the scope of our services has expanded substantially and currently covers the following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Oil and fat
  • Bakery
  • Macaroni
  • Meat and fish
  • Sugar and confectionery
  • Alcohol and Wine
  • Beer
  • Cosmetic and tobacco industries


  • Development of a technical design specification or execution of specific tasks by the Customer
  • 3D modeling of equipment or isometric drawing
  • draft design, which followed by refining and clarification at the design stage
  • modernization of the production units and manufacturing lines

– this is all you can get by working closely with our engineers or managers.

Our Products and Works

  • As a delivered product or service provided
  • from the Customer's materials or purchased by us;
  • repair work or manufacturing of a new unit of equipment;
  • with or without installation

– to solve the specific tasks, a work group of "CRAFT INNOVATION" specialists is formed to communicate with the Customer and deliver the best experience during implementation of the idea, so that the "product in execution" meets all the specified parameters and is executed within the time limit.

Service. Team Work "We+You"

We provide a wide range of aftersales and post-warranty services.

  • Equipment setup and performance optimization
  • Prompt and dedicated response to the Customer's request
  • Training programs for Customer's employees

"ABCD" Work with Clients

The more the customer tells us about his plans, the greater are his possibilities. We have implemented a comprehensive analysis of ABCD potential cooperation in order to prioritize work and provide the most favorable conditions for working with you.

  • flexible conditions for advance payment and delayed payment
  • auditing of equipment and engineering networks
  • design and production of custom units and parts
  • post-warranty services
  • assistance in selling of the customer's pre-owned equipment